Exhort to Obliterate

by Decease

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    Debut album, released in February 2013

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released February 15, 2013



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Decease Cluj Napoca, Romania

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Track Name: Mentally Infested
Time is running,
People are dying
Darkened the path
That doctrines are brightening
The open doors will lock you in,
The innocent one
Will give you the sin

Locked in a room,
Running in circles
You are their slave,
To much acceptance
Got your eyes open,
But you can't see nothing
Laughing and merciless,
You'll be left rotting

The hourglass
Turned so many times
Nothing has changed,
Still living the lies
Break the glass,
Let the sand drain
Burn all the rules,
They are in vain.
Track Name: Boiling Hatred
Their bodies are hiding
Evilness inside
You've got the chance to choose,
But they will decide
Feel like loosing control,
Thirst of destruction
Your brains are boiling,
Chemical reaction.

Dark thoughts
Born from the boiling hatred
Flooding your mind,
Kindness has ended
They fuel your head
With hate and disgust,
Taking your money,
Your soul and your trust.

The peaceful mind,
Is now infected
The biggest lie that was invented,
An idea of manipulation
It's the only love's creation.

The shaking fist
Is closed so strong
This hate inside,
Is boiling for too long
Break the chains
That keep you tied
Now it's your turn
Their fate to decide

Walls of the world
Are painted in black
Once you were born,
There is no way back.
Track Name: Hypocrisy Unknown
Hypocrisy Unknown

They lie...
With sincerity
Pure hypocrisy...
They call it democracy
Never go beyond...
The promise that was told
You get the...
Fool's gold

Injustice everywhere
No one seems to care
No one to beware

You lick with your tongue
What they shit all along
You pretend you're strong

Without limitation
When they are all asleep
No one is a hypocrite

Destroyed by lies
You are small,
In my eyes
Never dies
It gets fed
With your lies

Track Name: Atrocious Deeds
War is the simptom,
Not the disease
Spreading death,
Thirst for victories
Bathing in blood,
Swimming through corpses
Their greed is consuming
All your forces

Peace time...
Sons burying their fathers
War time...
Fathers burying their sons

Silent scream of pain
Bullets falling,
Like an acid rain
Pieces of flesh,
Smoke and fire
They are selling death,
You're their buyer

Peace time...
Sons burying their fathers
War time...
Fathers burying their sons

They led you to
The battlefield
Staying behind,
Their purpose is concealed
They tell you to
Fight for justice and peace
You increase their reputation
But you're not born for this

They are your masters...
You are their slave
They take all the credit
While you're falling in graves
Combat boots,
Walking along the minefield
Business suits,
Their lack of care revealed

Silent scream of pain
Bullets falling,
Like an acid rain
Pieces of flesh
Track Name: Sadistic Enjoyment
You're planting the seeds,
But they’re harvesting the fruits
Starving 'cause your teeth,
Are broken by their boots
They offer you the keys,
But there are no doors
When you’re enraged,
They give you peace by force

You're watching the worms,
Eating you alive
Beginning with your soul,
They are stabbing like a knife
When you’ll be death,
They'll leave you all alone
But they will come back,
To your child that now has grown

Rotting in the sand,
While water cleans your memory
In this world of sickness,
We've got the same destiny

Fight against their illness,
Against stupididy
Even you will die in pain...
Face the reality
No more rules
I will obey
No more rules
That lead me on your way

Alone i breathe,
Alone i suffer
I won't get
This bullshit that you offer
No more me
To slave for nothing
Now it’s you
To eat my shit!

My tortured brain
Cuts you in pieces
My self control
Fastly decreases

Enough life
Lived struggling for
You are rotting…
I'm enjoing it
Track Name: Exhort to Obliterate
Exhort to Obliterate

More and more,
People now are born
But you all
Will soon be mourn
You are blind,
You cannot see it comming
Death is here
And nobody is running

You're asking for medication
From the center of infection
You're hiding under their wings,
But there's where death lives.

Looking for some shelter,
In this world of hate
They pretend
That you're their friend,
But they are full of shit

Sucking everything from you
Exactly like a bitch do

Misleadin, choking, killing
Playing with your brain,
With hate filling

The promises are never kept
Never know what to expect

More and more,
People now are dying
You see it clear now
But still not running
Still believing their lies
Still deceived
By their fucking cries